AQUAMAR: algea bloom detection

Aquamar: Harmful Algal Bloom detection and forecasting

Aquamar is an FP7 project for stimulating the development of downstream GMES services. GMES stands for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security. The objective of Aquamar is to create a reference technical and organisational body at European level for water quality services, organised as an open partnership, through:

    - methodological research extending traditional water quality portfolio along five novel product lines
    - turning these into pre-operational services, including adaptation to Marine Core Service (MCS)
    - establishing a validation and quality evolution process and data model
    - evaluate the services with end users
    - transferring the developed services to other services providers

Water Insight will be involved in the product line of Harmful Algal Bloom detection and forecasting, including the detection of diatoms and Phaeocysis.

This species appears in the North Sea in late spring and summer and can locally occur in large concentrations. When they feel good, they form ball-shaped colonies, filled with proteins. At the end of the bloom the proteins changes into floating layers of foam, while the cells sink down to the bottom and can cause low oxygen levels.