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Cost-effective monitoring of water quality

In this project, the use of iQwtr, an innovative low-cost and simple-to-operate field analyser for surface water quality, is demonstrated in the Mekong river catchment in Vietnam. Measuring water quality is in general very costly. However, with the iQwtr, a pragmatic solution to this is found. At limited costs it is now possible to get a qualitative impression of the condition of surface water quality.

In Vietnam, a measurement network of professionals and volunteers is set up who regularly scan water quality with the device resulting in a good spatial and temporal coverage. This network can detect emerging problems in water quality, which can then be analysed by more accurate methods, such as the WISP-3, before taking appropriate measures.

The acquired data is bundled, validated and presented in a specially equipped information portal, which is part of the existing Mekong Delta Portal. In addition, a water quality model is set up, which uses the measurement data as model input. The model results are also added to the information portal. From this combined information, a comprehensive analysis of the water quality in the pilot area is derived, resulting in advice for measures for its improvement.

The project is supported by the Dutch Partners for Water Programme and carried out by the Holland Delta Initiative. The coordinating partner is Nelen & Schuurmans who are also setting up the data portal. Water Insight contribute their knowledge on optical water quality monitoring, deliver the iQwtr devices and manage the measurement campaign in the pilot area. Deltares build the water quality model and give advice on solving water quality issues in the Mekong Delta.