Cyanobacteria Monitoring Systems

Lakes regularly suffer from cyanobacteria blooms (blue-green algae). Some of these species are toxic and therefore swimming waters are closed for the remainder of the season when blooms occur. In the project CyMonS an efficient monitoring system will be set up, so waters only need to be closed when the blooms occur.

Partners Water Insight, BLM and Deltares work together with Dutch water boards to determine what the user requirements are and which methods will best suit these. Monitoring will be done with the regular methods of the water boards and extended with WISP-3 radiometric measurements, samples with the iQwtr and with high resolution satellite imagery. All this information will be fed into the EWACS model which was developed by Deltares, to obtain precise predictions of the occurence of cyanobacterial blooms and/or floaring layers.

Download the CyMoNS poster for more information