The @AQUA_USERS project results are now on Cordis! days 22 hours ago
Nice WISP-3 demo at the @tapas_h2020 meeting weeks 3 hours ago
@tapas_h2020 partners learning how to work with the WISP-3 for field campaigns. Our instruments will be busy this y… weeks 22 hours ago
WISP-3 demo is ready to go! @tapas_h2020 weeks 1 day ago
To @tapas_h2020 case study partners: WISP-3 demo at the jetty at 14:00! — 3 weeks 1 day ago
@tapas_h2020 meeting day2: update on 'competing' @AquaSpaceH2020 project weeks 1 day ago
@tapas_h2020 instruments: the WISP-3. Demo tomorrow! weeks 1 day ago
TAPAS annual meeting in progress! @tapas_h2020 weeks 2 days ago
We have a position for one year for a non-Dutch post-doc. weeks 2 hours ago
Position for a post-doc to develop a statistical model forecasting potentially harmful cyanobacteria blooms weeks 3 hours ago