Order a WISP-3!

Perform quick, easy and accurate water quality measurements with the WISP-3. It is a very easy to to handle in situ instrument, which will provide you directly with the concentrations of:

    •  Chlorophyll pigments
    •  Suspended particulate matter (SPM)
    •  Cyanaopycocyanin pigments (of blue algae)
    •  Coloured dissolved organic matter (through WISPweb)

The WISP-3 is designed for:
    •  monitoring of water supply reservoirs;
    •  monitoring water quality at swimming water locations;
    •  intensive monitoring during periods of expected algal blooms;
    •  flexible and fast monitoring of ecological restoration projects.

Due to its speed, flexibility and instantaneous data availability, usage of the WISP-3 and its web portal enables day to day decision support systems of water management organizations where algal blooms affect:

    •  drinking water safety;
    •  ecological status/ environmental protection;
    •  swimming water safety.

A WISP-3 package includes the WISP-3 unit, software & cables, the manual, a heavy-duty case and access to WISPWeb, our measurement portal. We also offer subscription services covering yearly calibration, more features on WISPWeb, support, training and extended warranty.

Article in WaterForum about the WISP-3 (in Dutch)

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WISP-3 specifications

WISP-3 flyer

Intercomparison in the field between the new WISP-3 and other radiometers (TriOS Ramses, ASD FieldSpec, and TACCS), Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, Vol 6, 2012

At the S3VT meeting in Edinburgh, 2015, the properties of the WISP (including stray light) were compared to requirements by standard validation protocols and other radiometers. Download the abstract and the poster here.