WaterSat: satellites and helicopter

With a positive balance between rain and evaporation, runoff influences water quality of surrounding areas. Vice versa, water quality is very important when water is used for irrigation. This project combines monitoring the water balance and monitoring water quality by high resolution satellite.

In this project, Water Insight co-operates with Water Watch, a company which is specialised in monitoring crop growth, evaporation and transpiration of agricultural areas. Together, we dive into the newest high resolution satellite data, to trace the correlations between land and water in the Betuwe area in the Netherlands. This area is influenced by the rivers Rijn, Maas and Waal en contains many small lakes, ditches and channels. While on the one hand the area is intensively used for agriculture (crops, cattle), some zones are nature conservation areas.

The information of high resolution satellite data will be validated with in-situ measurements. A special part of the project is the co-operation with Delft Dynamics. Their specialised Robot Helicopter will be carrying the Water Insight SPectrometer (WISP) to monitor the areas from above.